In the wake of the pandemic, our Hope Center for Children has struggled to keep afloat. Our penguin friends have also struggled during the pandemic to find families and warm homes to live and grow. Please consider adopting one of our friends and know that all the proceeds of your adoption will go directly to our Hope Center and help fund the children we strive to serve. To learn more about the Hope Center for Children and the services we provide to the children we serve, click here.

Adopt one (or multiple) of our available penguins today and help support the rebuilding of our Hope Center for Children. With a $200 or $120 donation, you can adopt a penguin in need AND help the endangered Hope Center for Children. Your donation will help the children in our facilities receive crucial therapeutic services as well as provide various materials, food, and clothing during their stay with us.


Instructions to Adopt:
  1. To make your donation, please visit our donate page and put the donation amount of the penguin you would like in the “custom amount” box (For example, if you think Cowboy is the penguin for you, you would put a $120 donation.)
  2. Next, please select “Children’s Program” in the drop-down menu.
  3. Finally, check the box that says, “Write us a comment” and input the name of the penguin you would like to adopt! It’s that easy!

Many penguin species are endangered, so we hope to bring awareness to both the Hope Center and the penguin species at large. Please consider, after you have adopted a penguin, take a photo of you and your new friend and tag us on social media @houseofhopeut. We may even have a prize for the person who has the best photo with their penguin friend!


Browse below for your new furry friend!


Biggie is adoptable with a $120 donation.

Biggie really hates it when people comment on how short he is. He feels a mans worth should been measured by the size of his heart rather than how tall he is. Donation amount: $120

Momma & Forrest

Momma & Forrest are adoptable with a $200 donation.

Momma and her son Forrest are from Alabama. Momma says that life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get. Forrest is just a baby, but we think he has a rich life ahead of him full of adventures such as playing football for the University of Alabama, becoming a Vietnam war hero, operating a shrimpin’ boat, running across the country, and knowing true love. Donation amount: $200


Pippa is adoptable with a $200 donation.

Pippa is a member of the Penguin Royal Family due to the fact that her sister is married to one of the princes. We know this doesn’t exactly qualify her for this title and honor, but we go along with it anyways because she is pretty persuasive. Donation amount: $200


Scamper & Scallywag

Scamper & Scallywag are adoptable with a $400 donation.

Scamper & Scallywag are twins, but we aren’t sure anymore which one is which. Growing up, they tried to trick people by exchanging identities so many times that they don’t even remember which one is which. So now we must find someone to adopt them both. Someone who understands what its like when a joke goes too far, someone who is or always wanted to be part of a pair or even someone who knows what its like to be incorrectly labeled for most of his or her childhood. Donation amount: $400


Blue is adoptable with a $200 donation.

Blue ‘s favorite color is… well… blue! But we aren’t really sure how, because he is colorblind, and most colorblind penguins like yellow. But lets just go along with it because we wouldn’t want to rain on his parade. Donation amount: $200




Karen is adoptable with a $200 donation.

Karen really loves being a martyr. She especially loves sticking her nose into the business of others just for the heck of it. She also really enjoys asking for the manager when she feels entitled to something that she doesn’t quite exactly deserve. Someone needs to tell her that she “wasn’t promised a bed of roses.” Will you? Donation amount: $200


Giuseppe is adoptable with a $200 donation.

Giuseppe is a moody penguin with a fondness for metaphor and irony and who often has existential dilemmas about why we are here, where we are going, and who taught a penguin what an existential dilemma is? Donation amount: $200



Leo is adoptable with a $120 donation.

Leos favorite thing to do is visit the Hogle Zoo. His favorite animal to watch there are the Lions. He thinks they are magnificent animals and look quite fluffy and soft. One time he tried to climb the fence to get a better look. We’ll just leave it at he isn’t very welcome there anymore…  Donation amount: $120


Zeus is adoptable with a $120 donation.

Zeus has a special power where if he thinks hard enough, he can explode a lightning bolt from his left flipper. If you look really close, part of his flipper is black from being charred from all the lightning bolts he has exploded! Donation amount: $120



Nirvana is adoptable with a $200 donation.

Nirvana is a penguin who is so even-tempered that other penguins and people always seem to get sleepy around her. She is so calm that literally, nothing disturbs her state of tranquility. She is so peaceful that we suspect she is in a state of nirvana most of the time. She doesn’t even dislike drama—she doesn’t even acknowledge that drama exists. She just breaths in and out…in and out….yawn… Anyway, if you need more than a little “chill” in your life, Nirvana is the penguin for you! Donation amount: $200



Luna is adoptable with a $200 donation.

Luna wants to be an astronaut when she grows up and be the first penguin on the moon. She passes the time watching the old Apollo missions on tape and walks around with a papier-mâché helmet that she made with her own two flippers! Donation amount: $200


Noni is adoptable with a $200 donation.

Noni is a caring mother but needs some help with her little one that is at her feet. Noni likes to do mommy yoga with her baby and needs help thinking of a name for her baby girl! Donation amount: $200


Tony is adoptable with a $120 donation.

Tony likes to read comic books and pretends he is superman sometimes, so don’t be alarmed when he tries to jump off furniture in an attempt to fly. Donation amount: $120


Saylor is adoptable with a $200 donation.

Saylor is originally from Wisconsin, so the Packers are her favorite football team. Make sure she never misses a game, because if she does by accident, she will throw all the cheese you have in the house at you, even the smelly kinds! Donation amount: $200


Sam is adoptable with a $200 donation.

Sam is involved with his local ultimate frisbee team so make sure to get him a frisbee this Christmas! He loves to talk about how good he is at frisbee golf (but most of the time we let him win). Donation amount: $200


Kiko is adoptable with a $200 donation.

Her favorite books are the Lord of the Rings series, and she has quite the critical opinion of the film adaptations by Peter Jackson (don’t ask her about them unless you want to listen to her talk for 5+ hours). She likes to wander but don’t worry, she is never lost. Donation amount: $200

Scratch & Sniff have been adopted!

Scratch and Sniff are two of our favorite penguins and whose names are self-explanatory. We recommend that they are adopted by a home with no pets or toddlers, as they may be unable to control themselves with so many smells that both pets and toddlers undoubtedly bring!

Pierre has been adopted!

Pierre is a penguin who dreams every night about going to Paris, his favorite food is French fries (with French dressing, of course) and we aren’t sure his name is really not Bob (but hey, a penguin’s gotta have a dream)!

Larry has been adopted!

Larry is a simple penguin. He enjoys the simple pleasures of coffee in the morning and a crisp newspaper. Unfortunately he cannot read, but rather enjoys looking at the pictures in the paper and imagining what the funny symbols on the page are telling him about the pictures!

Belle has been adopted!

Belle is considered a beauty. She often times goes looking for bigfoot in the forests surrounding the Wasatch Mountains. When you ask her why she is looking for him, she responds “a beauty needs a beast!”

Rocky has been adopted!

Rocky is a fighter and by fighter we mean the professional kind. He has a special set of boxing gloves that he wears often and rarely takes off. They inhibit his ability to do many day-to-day functions, but we just can’t convince him to give them a rest. He is that dedicated!

Clyde has been adopted!

Clyde is a very serious penguin who doesn’t appreciate casual chatting about serious topics like global warming, mercury levels in fish, leopard seals, or how much it will cost to get our ice maker fixed.

Cali has been adopted!

Cali loves to romp around her igloo and loves a good fish meal. Her favorite fish to eat is salmon, but don’t tell her how to get to the grocery store because she will attack their fish section without abandon!

Arnold has been adopted!

Arnold was previously the governor of California. He has also starred in multiple blockbuster films. In one of those particular films, he played a cyborg assassin who was sent back through time to 1984 to kill a woman important in the future war between man and machine. He is also from Austria.

Sonny has been adopted!

Sonny is currently looking for a female companion penguin. Preferably one named Cher. Make sure that if you do decided to adopt Sonny, that you fill his days with song and dance!

Franklin has been adopted!

Franklin thinks the best time to get a haircut is never, so that explains his luscious locks. He has a super special secret kind of hair gel that he likes to use made from fish oil (but don’t tell him we told you about it).

Nibbler has been adopted!

Nibbler constantly nibbles on his own flipper and continually sucks on a strand of hair.  He can even bite his toenails with his own beak. We just can’t train him to stop the nibbling, sucking, or biting on his own penguin self. Maybe you know someone who has the same problem who should adopt Nibbler. C’mon guys, admit it, we all have some pretty strange habits. We’ve all suffered since giving up the ol’ pacifier.

Sigmund has been adopted!

Sigmund counts himself lucky to be named after a famous psychologist. He does not, however, count himself lucky to be constantly reminded about that psychologists eccentric and rather odd theories.. So please, don’t mention it…

Liza has been adopted!

Liza enjoys going for walks and watching the sunset. She has a unique sense of smell and can sniff out any kind of food. If you’re not careful she may sneak downstairs at night and help herself to a hefty midnight snack!

Walter has been adopted!

Walter is convinced that he is a duck, and so he quacks from time to time. If you try to tell him that he is actually a penguin he’ll quack even louder, so there really is no point in trying to convince him otherwise.

Cowboy has been adopted!

Cowboy is a couch potato and loves vegging to old daytime television reruns but watch out! Old videos of Richard Simmons dancing to the oldies get him up and moving like nothing you’ve seen before (or want to see again).

Ruby has been adopted!

Ruby has a pair of ruby red sparkler slippers. Sometimes if no one is looking, she will put them on and click her heels together while saying “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.” Go ahead and give her a proper home to wish about!

Lenny has been adopted!

Lenny loves to work around his woodshop and is excellent at making skateboards. Have you ever seen a penguin do a laser flip on a skateboard before? Well, take him home today and you’ll be able to say you have.

Winston has been adopted!

Winston enjoys bowling and one time got six strikes in a row. He even has a special white and black bowling ball. In the mornings before a tournament, you can find him polishing it with special fish oil polish.

Lola has been adopted!

Lola was named after the song by The Kinks. If you ever have the chance, play it for her and hear her belt it out with all her might! She thinks she has a pretty good voice, so maybe record her and send it to a few music labels every now and then.

Keith has been adopted!

Keith is like Keith Richards; he never sleeps and can’t stop rocking and rolling all night long! Keith has every Rolling Stones album on vinyl and refuses to let go of a special red bandana that he wears so he looks just like Keith Richards.

Yuri has been adopted!

Yuri is originally from eastern Europe (he won’t tell us exactly where for some odd reason) and he speaks little English. All we know is that he used to be a Russian spy and rarely allows anyone to know where he is going at any given moment. If you ask him where he is going, he just looks at you with a quizzical brow and then quietly slips away.


Maude has been adopted!

Maude’s favorite comfort food is mac n’ cheese. She especially likes to eat it when it is raining outside and just a bit chilly. Make sure to get her a bib though because she is messy!

Oreo has been adopted!

Oreo resembles the black and white cookie (as do most penguins, actually). Just be careful, because when you call this penguin to come home, the whole hungry neighborhood will come running.