Our Staff


Julie Jackman, M. Ed.
Director of Admissions
Nicole Trump, CSW
Assessment Therapist
Kira Anjewierden, BA
Admissions Specialist
Cami Sandall
Admissions Assistant

Residential Services

Alyssa Richins, SSW
Residential Case Manager
Ashlie Hess, CMHC
Residential Therapist
Morgan Ogden, BS
Residential Case Manager
Johanna Thompson, AAS
Group Specialist

Outpatient Services

Amanda Callahan, BS
Outpatient Case Manager
Erica Vasgar, LCSW
Outpatient Therapist
Stephanie Hunt, CMHC
Outpatient Therapist
Megan Mecham, BS
Outpatient Case Manager
McKell Schreiner, BS
Aftercare Coordinator

Children's Services

Jinny Frisby
Client Services Specialist

Client Services

Heather McCall, MS, SSW
Residential Services Coordinator
Hannah Belcher, MS, RD, CD
Food Services Program Specialist
Katrina Raymond, AS
Recovery Support Supervisor
Alia Richards, BA
Assistant Recovery Support Supervisor
Rosann Greenway, SSW
Self-Sufficiency Case Manager-Court Liaison
Kelly Howard
Client Services Specialist
Willard Emery, BS
Aylin Guerrero
House Manager
Ariel Rasmussen, BS
House Manager

House of Hope Provo

Jessica Fields, MBA
Admissions Coordinator
Bryce Mitchell
Records & Billing Specialist
Christina Price, BS
Recovery Support Supervisor
Colleen Coronado, SUDC
Case Manager
Brittany Phillips, BSW
Case Manager
Eden Garcia, BA
Case Manager
Rachel DeGraw, SSW
Children's Group Assistant
Sacha Economides-Weeks
Food Services Manager
Sam Dearing, BS
Facilities Maintenance Manager


Marian Egbert
Accounting Coordinator
Jacob Joyner
Accounting Specialist
Heather Burke
Accounting Specialist


Ally Hofbauer, BA, BS
Development Specialist
Margaret Yeates, BS
Director of Development

Human Resources

Kirt Bateman
Human Resources Manager
Becky Chamberlain, BA
Resource Management Inc. HR Specialist