The Wasatch Women’s Social Club Inspires Hope through Letters of Encouragement

May 23rd, 2019

This May, the Wasatch Women’s Social Club wrote 104 letters of encouragement for our women. Upon entry into our programs, many of our women feel overwhelmed, afraid and alone as they take the first steps on the road to recovery. To help combat these feelings, House of Hope collects letters of encouragement from community members to reassure our women that they are not alone and valued deeply. Here at House of Hope, we know that love is one of the biggest tools to help a woman overcome addiction, making these cards incredibly valuable.

The Wasatch Women’s Social Club is a non-profit club offering a variety of activities for residents of the Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas. In addition to a myriad of activities to create community, the Wasatch Women’s social club donates time and resources to help organizations and those in need.

There are clients who read their cards every morning for strength and reassurance while they build their own confidence to succeed. These cards make a difference and we are incredibly grateful for the Wasatch Women’s Social Club for taking on a meaningful and ambitious project!