Volunteer Opportunities

House of Hope is tremendously thankful for the support of community members who donate their time and talents to serve the women and children in our treatment programs. Without you, our mission of reunifying families and healing substance use disorders would not be possible.

For the months of February and March we have the following projects below that would benefit with volunteers.

To qualify for court-mandated community service hours, volunteers must be current enrolled clients of House of Hope.

For more info, please email Margaret at myeates@houseofhopeut.org or call her at 801-487-3276 ext. 1205

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with House of Hope! 

Volunteering opportunities include:

Hosting a coat drive for the families we serve. We are looking for about 50 coats for women and children.

Yardwork: We have 6 facilities that all have a yard. The yardwork entails weed pulling, flower planting, raking leaves, etc. We ask that you bring your own yard gloves, each house has 2 supplies (rakes, shovels, etc) per house, but if you have more volunteers than that your own supplies would need to be brought with you. If you are wanting to do flowers and want to donate flowers, we ask that you bring them, but if you do not want to donate the flowers we can supply them! This is a seasonal option in Spring and Summer.

Welcome Backpacks: We have two options for welcome backpacks! There is a welcome backpack for women, or a welcome backpack for children.

The welcome backpack for women doubles as a purse, backpack or even a diaper bag throughout treatment. All items inside must be full size (please no travel size). Any backpack is doable for this purpose. Inside of the welcome backpack we ask for full size shampoos and conditioners, full size lotions, full size soap or bodywash, full size deodorants, disposable shaving razors, 3-5 feminine hygiene pads, a toothbrush, full size toothpaste, a comb or a brush, elastics for ponytails, full size bath towel, washcloths, laundry bag, pens, spiral bound notebook, and an anonymous letter of encouragement and caring (non-denominational words please!) in an unsealed envelope. Optional items for the backpack can include a planner, dental floss, and lip balm.

The welcome backpack for children aged (2-7) we ask for a smaller backpack or a totebag, children’s toothbrush, children’s toothpaste, baby or kid shampoo, body wash for kids, lotion, story book or picture book, small stuffed animal, optional ideas would be bubble bath, crayons, washcloths.
Newborn to 1 year we ask for wipes, bottle or sippy cup, bottle brush, baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby body wash, baby toy or teething ring, crib sheets, and optional options could be diaper rash ointment, soft book, washcloths.

Letters of Encouragement: As long as they are non-denominational, they should be fine. We just ask that you leave the envelopes unsealed.

Ongoing Projects – Just inquire!