National Women Physicians Day: Marcela Smid

February 3rd, 2020

In celebration of National Women Physician Day, House of Hope would like to honor the lifelong medical efforts of Dr. Marcela C. Smid, board-certified Maternal Fetal Medicine and Addiction Medicine physician at the University of Utah.

Specializing in Maternal Fetal Medicine in Salt Lake City, Dr. Smid has devoted her career to the research of the substance-use opioid epidemic and care for women in underserved populations, extending her specialty into the establishment of the SUPRAD clinic. As defined by Dr. Smid, the medical director of the Substance Use & Pregnancy- Recovery, Addiction, and Dependence (SUPRAD) clinic, SUPRAD is “a specialty prenatal clinic that integrates maternal fetal medicine, addiction specialist, resource management” (ABC4). In the pursuit of accessible healthcare for these underserved mothers, Dr. Smid uses her voice to remind the community that treating women in a judgment-free zone is essential. In addition, House of Hope works in conjunction with SUPRAD to refer women in need to our services.

In light of her commitment to destigmatizing substance-use disorders and leading pregnant and postpartum women to recovery, Dr. Marcela Smid was recognized by House of Hope in 2019 with the Per Ardua Surgo Award for exemplifying “Rising Through Adversity” for 20+ years. Staff and clients of House of Hope alike are incredibly grateful for her years of service and SUPRAD’s referrals to House of Hope.