Purchase a Penguin

November 23rd, 2021
These furry penguins need warm homes for the holidays. Adopt one (or multiple) of our penguin friends today and help support the rebuilding of our Hope Center for Children.
In the wake of the pandemic, our Hope Center has struggled to keep afloat. Our penguin friends have also struggled during the pandemic to find families and warm homes to live and grow. Please consider adopting one of our friends and know that all the proceeds of your adoption will go directly to our Hope Center and help fund the children we strive to serve.
Many penguin species are endangered and so our hope is to bring awareness to both the Hope Center and the penguin species at large. Please consider, after you have purchased a penguin, to take a photo of you and your new friend and tag us on social media @houseofhopeut
We may even have a prize for the person who has the best photo with their penguin friend!