Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I be able to bring in my child(ren)?

House of Hope has a minimum two-week orientation period that allows the clients to focus completely on their treatment goals. During this time clients learn program guidelines, set goals, and begin working with their treatment team.

  • What do I bring?

Because we want you to focus on what’s really important — your treatment — we ask that you closely follow the packing list.

  • How long is treatment?

Residential treatment is approximately four to six months. Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient Treatment programs are two to four months depending on the needs and progress towards the clients’ treatment goals.

  • Do I need to bring blankets, sheets, and pillows?

No, House of Hope provides these for you, however, you can bring a pillow and/or a throw blanket.

  • Are meals provided?

Yes, our chef plans delicious, highly nutritious balanced meals.


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