House of Hope prides itself on our commitment to involve the entire family in the treatment plan of their loved one. The Hope Center for Children provides developmental and therapeutic childcare for the children of women attending House of Hope. Allowing our women the opportunity to involve their children in their own treatment, recovery, and healing gives the entire family the gift of hope. Studies show that mothers who have support with their children during early recovery have greater success in achieving long-term recovery.


Our team of child developmental specialists help provide parent/child counseling, hands-on parent coaching, and parent skill instruction. Every Wednesday, mothers in our care receive a class on a variety of topics related to parenting, such as:

  1. attachment theory
  2. cognitive development
  3. emotional coaching
  4. child socialization
  5. infant nutrition
  6. character formation
  7. bonding techniques
  8. routines and rituals
  9. health and hygiene
  10. boundaries and limits

… and many many more!

In addition, our Children’s team works closely with DCFS (the Department of Children and Family Services) to provide supervised visitations for mothers working towards custody reunification with their children.