Happy 73rd Birthday to House of Hope!

September 25th, 2019

“I never thought I’d be 70 days clean, enjoying my sobriety at a House of Hope Birthday party” —a sentiment, and welcome reminder of our mission statement, offered by one of our very own clients at House of Hope’s 73rd year celebration. On the sunny fall afternoon of September 23, 2019, staff, Board of Trustees members and current clients gathered to honor 73 years of healing, 73 years of rehabilitation, 73 years of family reunification and 73 years of faculty and staff devoted to rebuilding the lives of Utah women and children. To commemorate the fighting spirits of clients and staff alike, House of Hope welcomed local talents and special guest appearances like face-painting princesses Elsa and Moana, an energetic Spiderman (who so kindly agreed to be pie-d in the face in concluding moments of our birthday party), and Batman fully equipped with an up-and-running Batmobile. From face-painting to cotton candy machines to a fully-stocked petting zoo, every person in attendance was entertained to the fullest. Yet, despite the cotton candy and popcorn machines aplenty, the highlight of the event was our client choir performance and candle-blowing tradition, where 73 birthday candles in their bright flame were extinguished by a crowd of our clients’ children. We are so thankful for everyone who came to the event to celebrate our 73rd year with us. We look forward to many more years of service and healing!