Salt Lake City’s 2019 Recovery Day – “Join the Voices for Recovery: Together We Are Stronger”

September 16th, 2019

On September 14th, 2019, bright smiles and shining faces—glimmering with a sparkle of hope in their eyes piled into the Gallivan Center in the early morning sun to prepare for an event of local healing and empowerment. In its annual celebration, Salt Lake City Recovery Day welcomed 80 booth-holders from a variety of sponsors, vendors, and exhibitors including some of our closest community partners: Odyssey House, Intermountain Healthcare, and Salt Lake Behavioral Health. Besides having an incredible local presence from said vendors and sponsors, perhaps the most notable support was from our very own clients and other adjoining survivors of substance abuse who so willingly wore their heart (and their stories of addiction) on their sleeves. House of Hope clients took the initiative to support their own recovery and the recovery of their fellow women by participating in the day’s events like the Recovery Day 5k, while also supporting local performers including our very own House of Hope choir who performed Andy Grammar’s “Don’t Give Up On Me,” and even took the time to explore the carnival-esque festivities set up to encourage bonding amongst families: i.e. face painting, henna tattooing, fishing-themed games hosted by the House of Hope Children’s Center, etc.

Along with activities that boosted team morale within client circles, family units, and staff, Salt Lake City Recovery Day’s primary goal was to connect both those already enrolled in residential treatment and those who are looking to take the very first steps down the road to recovery with appropriate resources. For example, the day offered facilities that provided connections to everything from overdose kits (Utah Department of Health) to safe spaces where individuals and advocates can “fight back against the disease of addiction” and “enjoy life sober” with bonding events like group bowling and volunteer projects.

It is important to remember that events like these, big or small, can empower those on their journey down the ever-winding road to recovery in the most unthinkable ways. After all, the most effective way to uplift survivors of substance abuse is with your time and your presence. And because clients and patients are often advised that recovery is not a task to be completed alone—Salt Lake City Recovery Day simply acts as a reminder of this sentiment. With an emphasis on community and support systems, just like Recovery Day cannot survive with just one vendor or sponsor, a single person suffering from substance abuse cannot thrive without a strong network of family, friends, physicians, therapists, and/or social workers.

We’d like to offer huge thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth for the 2019 Salt Lake City Recovery Day. We are so grateful for the time, energy, and support of everyone that contributed to today’s raving success. Most of all we are thankful for the strength of all the survivors of substance abuse and their loved ones. Remember, this day has been and always will be for YOU.