Lowe’s Heroes Project: I Street and South Temple Donations

October 23rd, 2019

Bright and early this last Thursday afternoon, an outreach team from Lowe’s, as part of their Lowe’s Heroes Project, arrived at our residential treatment centers in fully-equipped work trucks, packed to the brim with building materials and generous donations. One surprise followed another, as the Lowes team unloaded two pergolas (one for each location), materials for trex, benches to replace our existing I street benches that had worn away from years of use and play, and even a brand-new barbeque large enough to accommodate all of our clients at the South Temple residential treatment center. Although many of these donations were far beyond what House of Hope’s initial expectations, each of our thank yous were met with a reassuring grin that seemed to read, “don’t worry, we’re happy to do it.”

Their graciousness, generosity, and unwavering dedication to the project certainly did not go unnoticed. From 9 am to 3 pm the Lowes staff worked tirelessly to stain and sand benches, rebuild existing trex, tighten playground bolts, assemble both pergolas, repair the surrounding fence, and arrange the play area in a way that was worthy of a page in their catalog. No task was too daunting, too laborious, or too far out of their expertise. In the presence of Lowes’ Outreach Team—every part and every task of the day seemed do-able.

House of Hope would like to thank Lowes’ on behalf of the women and children who will love and enjoy all the amenities of their new backyard. Because of your donations, you have helped make our I-street location a home of hope, not just a house of hope.