Horror-ible Haunts at House of Hope

October 31st, 2019

Bootiful ghosts and ghouls were abound on Halloween as children trick-or-treated through the halls of House of Hope. With costumes aplenty, from werewolves to monsters to an assortment of Transformers, staff and clients came together to make Halloween, and the days leading up to it, a spooktacular success!

Staff and clients alike welcomed the Halloween festivities with Monday’s kickoff office pajama party and fanfare day. Tuesday was celebrated with crazy hats and favorite colors, followed by Wednesday with crazy hair day.

Although, the highlight of the week was Halloween and all the tricks (and treats) our final day of Spirit Week had to offer. Clients and their children lined the halls of our main office to trick-or-treat gathering candy and good will. Though our House of Hope hallways were dimly lit and echoing with Monster Mashes and other spooky soundtracks during our Trick-or-Treating witching hour,  all of the children’s smiling faces–gleaming with excitement–lit up our haunting hallways.

We’d like to thank all staff and clients who sported their spooky spirit throughout the week’s events, and made Spirit Week 2019 as sweet as all the candy corns, caramel apples, and chocolate bars savored this Halloween season.