Intern Highlight: Charise Hulse

February 26th, 2020

Meet Charise: House of Hope Salt Lake’s clinical intern. House of Hope offer internships for students looking to fulfill graduate program hour requirements. To highlight this opportunity, we thought we’d share some insights into Charise’s experience at House of Hope!

Charise’s interest in psychology and becoming a therapist started in high school. From there, Charise pursued a bachelor’s in psychology from South University and is currently working towards her master’s degree. Charise first started at House of Hope as a toddler teacher and came back for a therapy internship.

As an intern, Charise has gained valuable insight into working with vulnerable populations. Some of the most important things Charise has learned include maintain firm and compassionate boundaries with clients and the importance of teamwork to provide the best level of care for House of Hope clients. Charise said that working at House of Hope has taught her valuable insight about the importance of peer support groups and better perspective about how children express themselves.

Charise’s advice for new interns at House of Hope? Take it one day at a time and celebrate the small victories along the way.