FT – Residential Case Manager – SLC

Location: Salt Lake City

· Provide Therapeutic Behavior Management services to clients including but not limited to: substance abuse education and relapse prevention training, stress management, relaxation techniques, assertiveness training, conflict resolution, behavior modification, to clients, family members, and others as part of a comprehensive treatment plan

· Provide group and individual group skills development services

· Provide Skills Training and Development Services that assist clients in reducing or eliminating substance abuse and maladaptive/hazardous behavior related to the substance abuse

· Provide services that assist the individual to develop appropriate social, interpersonal, and communication skills as well as effective behaviors

· Provides Psychosocial Rehabilitative Services that assist individuals in developing competence in basic living skills and appropriate social, interpersonal, and effective behaviors, including areas of food planning, shopping, food preparation, money management, mobility, grooming, personal hygiene, and maintenance of the living environment

· Provide education to individuals and groups concerning alcohol and drug abuse; identify and describe available treatment services and resources to clients

o Facilitate group and individual counseling sessions (Behavior Management)

· Provide a coordinated approach to the delivery of substance abuse treatment by assessing, planning, advocating, linking, referring, and monitoring progress in order for clients to receive appropriate services to address specific needs and achieve stated goals; this includes verbal or written interventions or consultation with family, schools, employers, courts, and other agencies or needed resources on behalf of the client

· Responsible for individual case management, meet twice a month with individual clients, review Master Treatment Plan and track client’s progress

· Document the results of assessment and treatment plans, write reports, progress notes, discharge summaries, and other client data; responsible for daily documentation on monthly tab sheets and month-end compilation of documentation and billing

· Ensure client files contain all relevant information including treatment needs and future needs

· Consult with other professionals in regard to client treatment and services to assure comprehensive quality care for the client

· Participate in educational alcohol and drug prevention and education programs in the schools and community

· Attend daily feedback/supervision, staff meetings, clinical training classes, and workshops, as needed

· Urinalysis, as needed

· Monitor the client’s progress to ensure treatment compliance in acquiring necessary community-based services

· Work closely with community health, medical, social services, and childcare providers to organize linkages for clients

· In conjunction with client, conduct needs assessments, continuous service planning, advocacy, and help with benefits acquisition and service linkages

· Establish and maintain effective working relations with individuals with substance use disorder(s), other employees, agencies, and the public; effectively communicate both verbally and in writing; follow written and oral instructions

· Carry the required caseload based on the appropriate level of ASAM criteria

· Transport clients to appointments, as needed, to supervise or assist with case management issues

· Other duties, as assigned

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $20.00 – $24.00 per hour

Work Location: In person